Join us

Interested in gaining experience in a real company during your time at Oxford and getting involved in the business side of student journalism? Look no further! Whether you have experience with journalism or management, or are simply wanting to try something new, the OSPL is looking for new members to join our team.

Oxford Student Publications Limited is the publication company in charge of Cherwell, ISIS, the Oxford Scientist, Industry, and PHASER. We are 100% student run, operating for nearly 60 years — in fact, the only student-run publishing company in the country.

While the newspaper and magazine teams focus on the creative and content vision of the publications, we focus on the business vision—this includes thinking about long-term sustainability, securing alternate forms of revenue, engaging with alumni, and coordinating termly operations like printing and subscriptions.

We strive to create a professional atmosphere while ensuring that OSPL is a manageable and exciting commitment to balance alongside your degree; this makes it an unmatched opportunity to gain real-world experience and insight on matters of publishing, business, finance, management, and more.

No business or publishing experience is required, just an ability to learn new skills and tasks independently and as a team.

We are currently recruiting for a new Chairperson, Director of Publishing Operations (Deputy Chair), Director of Business (Deputy Chair), Finance Director, Tech Director, Managing Director, Marketing Director, Secretary, Archive Office, Legal Council, and more.

Positions in the OSPL are typically held for a year, however, you can stay on for as long as you’d like based on your availability, given sufficient notice.

Applications for Chairperson are due midnight on Sunday, November 12th (i.e. end of week 5); the remaining applications are open until midday on Wednesday, November 15th (i.e. mid-week 6).”