The OSPL Summer Business Scheme

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Oxford Student Publications Limited's Summer Business Scheme is the perfect way to develop your business, team-working, and communication skills during the long vac. Over the course of 4 weeks, you'll work with our team of managing directors, chairs, and business executives to develop and implement a working business strategy.

The scheme has real-world implications for the continued operation of OSPL and its publications. Our business team is vital in generating the income we need, so we can bring our publications to as many Oxford students as possible throughout the year.


What is OSPL?

Oxford Student Publications Limited (OSPL) is the UK's oldest publishing house run entirely by students. We were founded in 1961, and list Lord Heseltine and Rupert Murdoch among our alumni.

At the University of Oxford, we publish five publications: Cherwell, the Isis Magazine, the Oxford Scientist, Industry, and Phaser.

We operate as a board of directors, a business team, and the editorial teams of each of our publications.

Our business team plays a vital role generating the income we rely on to bring our publications to as many Oxford students as possible throughout the year.


What will I be doing?

The coronavirus pandemic has created a challenging business environment over the course of the past year. However, it has also presented an opportunity for OSPL to re-evaluate and re-develop its business strategy, and have allowed us to think creatively about our revenue streams and business strategy.

As a business manager on our Summer Scheme, you will be trained by our business executives on reaching out to our advertising partners and securing print advertisements for our editions.

In addition, with a team of other business managers, you can select a new aspect of our business strategy to develop, plan, and implement. These areas range from merchandising our brands, to event planning and subscriptions.

Throughout the scheme you will be supported and guided by our team of business executives, managing directors, and the board of directors of OSPL.



Please fill in the following form to apply to the role of business manager in OSPL's summer scheme. For any other OSPL role please click here. A member of OSPL's team will be in touch via email.

All applicants will be offered a brief interview with current directors of OSPL. A portion of this interview will be dedicated to time for applicants to ask questions about the scheme.

Please use non-Oxford University email addresses where possible, and check your spam in the days following your submission.


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