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Recruitment 2021

We're looking to expand the Oxford Student Publications Limited team, taking on new projects and looking at fresh ideas for our publications! 

Take a look at the roles we're looking for below!

If you have any questions, or would like to apply, please drop us an email at


- the role you're applying/interested in

- any relevant experience you have (not required!)

- why you're interested in the role!

Businesswoman on Phone


Deputy Chairperson

The Deputy Chairperson will, in concert with the Chair and publication staff, ensure that publications go to print each week! 

They'll be key in ensuring the continued success of OSPL.


Finance Director

The Financial Director will take pride of place in OSPL - ensuring the company can continue to operate from a financial perspective... today, tomorrow and forevermore.

Graphic Shapes
Outdoor Event


Events Director

With collaboration with the publications, the Events Director will ensure that events go to plan; are profitable and are, above all, enjoyable! 


Advertising Director

With collaboration with the publications and Board, the Advertising Director will ensure that ads in our publications are procured and relationships maintained!

Branded T-Shirt


Merchandising Director

With collaboration with the publications, the Merchandising Director will ensure that merch for the publications can be printed, produced and sold!