Managing Director

Updated: Aug 10

Take the lead on raising revenue for Oxford Student publications limited, and work with some of the largest graduate recruiters and masters programmes in the UK!


The managing director oversees the business side of the company, arranging advertising sales and working with each publication to meet their fundraising targets. In addition, the managing director recruits, organises and leads the company’s business team.

Key Skills

Business Management, Leadership, Negotiating, Interpersonal Skills & Communication

About OSPL

Oxford Student Publications Ltd (OSPL) is an independent student publishing house in Oxford that publishes the Cherwell student newspaper, ISIS student magazine, The Oxford Scientist, Keep Off the Grass freshers' magazine and Industry fashion magazine.

The company is wholly independent and is run entirely by students of the University of Oxford. In 1961, OSPL was established as a holding company for Cherwell newspaper and acquired the ISIS brand in the late 1990s.

OSPL's income comes from subscriptions and advertising; the company receives no subsidy from Oxford University. All profits are put back into media production and into ensuring the long-term well-being of the company. Very few major student newspapers operate in this fashion and the continued success and financial viability of OSPL pays testament to its ability to attract the most capable Oxford students as journalists and managers.


Fill in your details on to apply for this role. We'll be in touch to arrange an application form and interview!


Applications close on the 22nd August.

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