OSPL is always looking for dedicated Oxford students to join our team. On a day-to-day basis our Executives are responsible for managing and running OSPL. No experience in publishing or journalism is required.

The fundamental principle of OSPL is to enable students to get involved in print and publishing. We are here to teach, to manage, and to provide an invaluable experience of hands-on work with renowned publications. 

Positions currently recruiting

Managing Director

The managing director sits on OSPL's board of directors, and oversees the financial operations of the company.

The role is a fantastic opportunity to develop people management, teamwork, financing and marketing skills.

If you would like to register an interest in this role, or find out more about working at OSPL, follow the link below.

Business Executive

OSPL's business team works closely with our advertising partners and subscribers to generate revenue for OSPL.

You can create genuine connections with graduate recruiters and other companies throughout our network. Having genuine sales experience from your time at university is invaluable to future employers.


As a result the business and marketing teams play a key role in shaping both yours, and OSPL's future.

Note: All managing director applicants will also be considered for the role of business executive if their application to managing director is unsuccessful and they express a wish to be considered for the role of business executive.

Technical Director

We are always looking out for experienced student web developers to work with us on maintaining and redesigning the sites of our publications.

The role is a fantastic opportunity to develop teamwork and web development skills.


Please fill in the following form to apply for any of the above roles, or if you would like more information about one of our roles. A member of OSPL's team will be in touch.

All applications will involve a short interview with some of OSPL's current directorship. Applicants for the role of managing director will also be asked to to fill in an application form.


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